GALE Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


The GALE™ line of vertical axis wind turbines has specific design considerations that make it a versatile and environmentally friendly product.

Some key benefits that have helped GALE™ blow past other wind turbine products:

  • Produces up to 50% more electricity on an annual basis versus conventional turbines with the same swept area
  • Generates electricity in winds as low as 4 mph (1.5 m/s) and continues to generate power in wind speeds up to 130 mph (60m/s) depending on the model
  • Withstands extreme weather such as frost, ice, sand, humidity and wind conditions greater than 130 mph (60 m/s)
  • Non-polluting through a sealed unit design with no gearbox
  • Easy on the eyes and ears being the only soundless wind turbine with non-reflecting surfaces to eliminate shadow strobing effect
  • Compact design reduces harm to wildlife - such as bird strikes


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