Why Choose Wind? What is GALE? Where to Start?

Wind provides an endless supply of energy that is just waiting to be harnessed. It is all around us, always. It is clean, powerful and best of all – free.

The GALE® vertical axis wind turbine has changed the face of how wind energy is harnessed. It generates 50% more electricity than traditional propeller models.

Wind energy may be intimidating and confusing to some, so we've created friendly tools to help you become wind-savvy today!

Map How much wind is in your neighborhood?
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Map Green energy that matches your style.
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Home What does it take to power your household.
Power up now.
Iceberg The wind is mightier than you might think.
Get blown away.
Map See what makes GALE a little bit greener.
Take GALE for a spin.
Map Live on Breeze Way!
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